tradedata compiles exhaustive trade data every day, each week. The export-import database provides real time commodity trade data with attendant prices across all Indian ports. Clients can derive actionable intelligence from our proprietary data base and filters.

Use the information to fine tune your sales and trading strategy and keep track of competitors. Identify the best countries and companies that provide cheap and high quality products and determine the best ports for trading. Our software will allow you to query the database in many different ways so that you get the right insights.

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The daily pricing data is immensely helpful for exporters and importers alike. For those dependent on raw material imports, ruling CIF prices allow for benchmarking of production costs and margins. The same holds true for export of goods and raw materials. Trade well, trade without risks. For our trade data is made available to clients on an as-of-yesterday basis under the following parameters:

  •  Name of the product or commodity
  •  Price
  •  Port of export or import
  •  Date of transaction
  •  Quantity involved
  •  Price
  •  Source country
  •  Destination country
  •  Up-to-date information on all trade data
  •  Validate your own prices with those from our database
  •  Leverage our information to your benefit during negotiations with suppliers
  •  Get reliable and clean data free of errors and duplication
  •  Keep tabs on your competitors

Receive a User ID and password for complete access to our proprietary java based software.

  •  You get: Up-to-date information on imports/exports
  •  Custom research on trade data
  •  Receive data in easy to use excel sheets
  •  Limited analyst support to answer queries and resolve issues

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