We have built India's largest database of installed as well as upcoming capacities in the petrochemicals industrial segment. An important input in the database are inputs that we collect on design and actual capacity of finished products and raw materials and intermediates used by individual industrial units. The data provides a first-hand and very accurate estimate of all-India demand.

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The information can be sliced into industrial sub-segments, and further segregated in terms of demand emanating from specific facilities and units, geography, operators and promoters.

We can also tell you when exactly the demand for particular commodity will fructify. The time period could be six months to two years or more, giving a supplier adequate time to get in touch with the promoter and pitch for supply contracts.

Additionally, we can provide a progress report on new capacities coming up which will require raw material supplies. We can tell whether the project underpinning the demand has passed the capital approval stage, how much is under basic and detailed engineering, how much is under contracting and commissioning. This will give you a better grip on the timelines by when commissioning will take place.

This tool is also very useful for supplier of energy products such as fuel, gas or electricity. Large industrial enterprises require large volumes of energy and an accurate projections help supplier to plan better.

Our contact database accurately collects information on people in charge of purchases in facilities and units that we cover and allows a supplier to directly get in touch with potential buyers.

The software will provide invaluable information to a supplier, be it for raw materials, intermediates or energy products. It will allow you to drill down demand data thrown up by our software by geography, sub-sector, company etc.

Suppliers of Raw Materials, Intermediate products

  •   Our raw material demand database will provide you with the most accurate estimate of incremental demand for raw materials and commodities within an industrial sector.
  •   Find the right opportunity, along with names and telephone numbers of key contacts.
  •   Establish direct relationships at the company or facility level. If you are rolling out a marketing plan, this data can be immensely helpful.

Suppliers of power, gas and industrial fuel

  •   Accurate bottom-up estimation of fresh demand for energy in new capacities that are coming within an industrial sector.
  •   Detailed energy matrices in every industrial facility allows suppliers to save on time and research to zero in on the right opportunity
  •   A fully validated contact list allows the supplier to immediately get in touch with a potential client

Government agencies, Banks and Research Institutions:

  •   Look for new clients requiring funding from our database of those promoters whose investments are at the planning stage but have not received capital approval.
  •   Our contact database provides an easy way to directly get in touch with promoters

Government and research institutions:

  •   Accurate way of validating overall demand data available within the government organizations
  •   Conduct further modelling from our disaggregated data

We provide accurate and comprehensive projections for:

  1. Investment projects by sector, geography and company
  2. Timelines by when demand will mature
  3. Segregation of incremental demand in terms of individual units, facilities, location, operators and promoters
  4. Get names and information of key contacts
  5. Demand by geographical spread
    1. Region
    2. State
    3. District
    4. Pin Code
    5. Maps
  6. Equipment and services demand forecasts
  7. Contacts database which gives key contacts for various facilities and units

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