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Indiapetrochem has a team of scouts, analysts and editors which provide real-time news on what moves Indian markets.

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Our teams of journalists and scouts are stationed at every major trading hub in India. Their inputs are fed to a team of editors in our New Delhi office. The information is verified, validated and analysed before it is put out as daily news. Editors shift through hundreds of data points being fed in every day to head office to decipher market trends.

Market movers, traders, buyers, and manufacturers are interviewed daily and what comes out is a distilled picture of the market through our news bulletins.

We also pool intelligence from out teams in our oil & gas, power, projects and fertilizer portals for inter-related news.

We also have a special team that writes our highly acclaimed weekly and monthly market advisories in which short-to-medium term forward assessments are made of how prices will behave.

Our news services offer accurate and comprehensive information by taking into account demand-supply dynamics, buyer-seller behaviour, international developments, plant shutdowns, exchange fluctuations and global economic data, among other parameters. The idea is to provide you with that extra edge over others when it comes to taking crucial business decisions.

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