We understand the value of business relationships. And we value the synergy we build with them. Our project monitoring team has built, consistently, a contact list of key managers in industrial facilities, units and projects across the petrochemicals sector.

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The contact sheets are validated telephonically in regular intervals. So when you make the call, there will be a business opportunity waiting on the other side of the line. Accuracy is important for us at every point and we have a multi-layer validation process for our contact list. The contact list is integrated with our project monitoring software to throw up the right business opportunities cue to our clients

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  •  EPC or PMC company
  •  Sub contractor (s)

In an existing industrial enterprise, our list will have names addresses and telephone numbers of:

  •  The facility in-charge
  •  Maintenance in-charge
  •  Contracts in-charge
  •  Engineering in-charge

Similar lists are also available at the level of corporate and industrial units.

Suppliers of equipment and services:

  •  Create business opportunities from our contact list when combined with inputs from our project monitoring software. People and business opportunities will come together seamlessly.
  •  Select contacts by industrial sub sectors, geographies, industrial facilities or units. Narrow your choice by name of promoter or contractor. Get work done, and work efficiently

Banks and Financial Instructions

Validate progress of funded project directly from line managers in projects and industrial undertakings


Use our contact list for focused email campaigns to showcase your products and services

  •  Complimentary access to our contact list with your subscription to our project monitoring software
  •  Our in-house team can help design marketing campaigns for you products and services to a captive audience

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