Monthly Advisory

Monthly Advisory

Poly Ethylene Terephthalate


PET was subjected to strong demand conditions as manufacturing of bottles were going on in full-swing. Normally, demand for the PET material remains strong during the summer season as manufacturing of beverage bottles stays at peaks. In the major open market prices, the prices were at around Rs 109-111/KG.

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Indian producers, however, revised their ex-work prices in accordance with the domestic demand conditions.

Supplies of the material were ample as domestic producers maintained their supplies constantly.

In 2013-14, the consumption of PET in the country was at around 791MT. Demand for the material is growing annually at around 18%, according to statistics.

Understand the market in greater detail with our monthly advisories. We cover all the important parameters, including price fluctuations, equipment demand and details on planned capacity addition. Our team of experts and scouts is highly experienced and gets you in-depth access into the Indian PET market.

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