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Indianpetrochem's price database provides focused, real-time, and authenticated price updates of the Indian chemical, petrochemical, rubber and fibre markets at a level of granularity never tried before

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We cover daily price matrices in all major trading regions of the country by collecting and analysing everyday trading data from producers, consumers, importers, transporters, processors, traders and brokers. We employ an army of trained scouts, analysts, journalists and editors to do this job. Our coverage is city-wise and grade-wise for each product. We have comprehensive international price coverage as well through tie-ups with different affiliates.

Commodity prices in India are determined through a complex interplay of forces. The market is dominated by big as well as small players. Our job is to elicit the most accurate price of a product by collecting price intelligence from multiple sources for a given location, and then using our own proprietary filtering process to arrive at the most accurate representation of the price for the day.

Our daily prices act as reliable benchmarks for our clients while making purchase or sale decisions.

Our coverage includes:

  •   Producer prices (ex-factory)
  •   Market prices
  •   Import prices
  •   Offered Prices
  •   International Prices
  •   Bulk (tanker) prices
  •   Port prices

Please go our Daily Prices segment on the Dashboard for a comprehensive look of our chemical price coverage.

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