Indianpetrochem is a premier independent pricing database on the fast-growing Indian chemical, petrochemical, fibre, and rubber products sectors.

We use our all-India network of scouts, reporters, editors, and industry experts to provide the most comprehensive coverage of daily price movements and related news.

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Our coverage is not just confined to tracking daily prices. Our weekly and monthly market advisory services offer accurate and comprehensive data on the market fundamentals in the segments we are present in India.

A first-of-its-kind database software tracks industrial assets and projects to bring you bottom-up information on capital projects and raw material demand and supply in India

Our coverage includes:

  •   Grade-wise daily price coverage
  •   Daily Prices in cities across India
  •   Producer Prices (Ex-factory prices)
  •   Import prices (CIF)
  •   Offer Prices
  •   International Prices
  •   Feedstock Prices
  •   Historical Prices
  •   News & Analysis
  •   Market Advisories
  •   Project monitoring software
  •   Raw material demand analysis
  •   Consultancies

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