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IPC's chemicals and petrochemicals reports provide comprehensive analysis of market dynamics and developments that help you make prudent business decisions. The reports analyse Indian and Global trends in production and demand.

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Indian supply-demand and import-exports are analysed in depth to provide valuable insights into the future of the markets concerned. Historical data over the last 15 years is compiled and our market experts provide robust forecasts for the next 5-10 years based on observed trends and product peculiarities.

Major producers are analysed in terms of installed capacity, production, utilization rates, technology used and future capacity addition plans. End users of chemicals and petrochemicals are analysed sector-wise and their demand and growth rates are estimated based on prudent primary and secondary research.

Historical and current prices are presented in tabular and graphical forms. The reports also provide an overview of the global market scenario identifying important companies and regions with respect to production.

Import/Exports are analysed in detail to identify major trading partners and alternative procurement options.

Our reports shed light on the relatively opaque Indian markets through careful research and acquired market expertise.

Reports can be purchased for individual chemicals and petrochemicals or families of chemicals and petrochemicals. If you are interested in multiple purchases, we recommend the Indian Chemicals Handbook that covers all major chemical and petrochemical products traded in India.


  •  Polyethylene
  •  Polypropylene
  •  PVC
  •  PET
  •  Polystyrene
  •  ABS


  •  Benzene
  •  Toluene
  •  Ortho Xylene
  •  Para Xylene
  •  Mix Xylene
  •  Aniline
  •  Styrene
  •  Nitro Benzene

Fibre Intermediates

  •  MEG
  •  PTA
  •  Acrylonitrile

Methanol and Derivatives

  •  Methanol
  •  Formaldehyde
  •  Acetic Acid
  •  Ethyl Acetate
  •  VAM
  •  Chloromethane
  •  Acetic Anhydride

Phenolic Ketones & Resins

  •  Phenol
  •  Acetone
  •  MIBK
  •  MEK


  •  n-butanol
  •  Iso propylalcohol
  •  Pthalic Anhydride
  •  Acetonitrile

Other complementary Products

  •  Monthly Market Advisory Services
  •  Chemicals and Petrochemicals daily price database
  •  Projects database that includes all installed and planned chemical and petrochemical projects
  •  Custom Research and Consulting


Our reports offer critical information for: Benefits
Producers of basic chemicals and intermediates, plastics and polymers, specialty and renewable chemicals Make informed investment and production decisions. Use it for strategic planning
Raw materials and product purchasers, manufacturers (consumers) and end users Help you get best prices. Gain leverage over suppliers. Get the timing right for your purchases
Strategic planners and end users buying finished products Evaluate chemical companies or specific market segments
Banks, Financial Institutions, Financial Analysts Understand producer costs, economics, market dynamics and the competitive landscape
Traders / Distributors Benchmark prices, understand market dynamics better
Importers Import/Export analysis helps you evaluate procurement options, identify potential customers

Purchase of IPC's chemical and petrochemical Reports includes:

  1. Soft Copy of the report in pdf format
  2. 1 Year access to IPC's price database for polyethylene
  3. 1 Year access to news and analysis (Login Id/Password)
  4. One free report update (Reports are updated half-yearly or yearly)
  5. Access to IPC analysts and experts for queries/explanations regarding the report
  6. Hard Copy of the report available at extra cost
  7. Discount on other complementary products
    1. Monthly Market Advisory Services
    2. Complete Chemicals and Petrochemicals daily price database
    3. Projects database that includes all installed and planned chemical and petrochemical projects
    4. Custom Research and Consulting

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